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Is it true that in the Netherlands...

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Is it true that in the Netherlands are more bikes than people?

Yes, that's true. In The Netherlands there are about 18 million bikes and around the 17 million people; 92% owns at least 1 bike.


is this true that cows are prettier then women?

LOL, uhhh in my opinion women



are by far better looking then cows



But I guess you mean Dutch women? Guess why I found my luck in Poland! cheerleader.gifthumbsup.gif


For more Dutch statics you can play with this tool of CBS (central office stats)

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@ Sanch0 don't be so harsh on german girls - I live here and I have to say it is not so bad nowadays.


@ lukk :blink: Frau Antje should teach in school - I would definitely stay after class ;) I was in amsterdam an I must say it was fu*** awesome - girls are very friendly and I've tried to do something illegal but in your country everything is allowed so I am clean baby yeeaahh :D


btw your cows are very...yyyy.... pretty - maybe they smoke too much weed?

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It is just because, nowadays people in Grmany mix with other nations :P I was in Germany couple of times and I must say, that all the pretty girls got family roots outside of that country :D


yeaa - I admit it's true but most of them were born in germany or have a german citizenship so at least technically they are germans - I'm just saying ;)

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